Paolo Rizzo was born in 1966 in Messina, Sicily. He graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1993 with honors.
He completed his training at the studio of Mies Van der Rohe, Lohan Architects in Chicago. Back in Italy, he comes as junior architect in the Studio of Architect Ignazio Gardella, working simultaneously as an assistant in the design workshops at the Faculty of Architecture of Politecnico di Milano.

As a researcher, he conducted a study on the architecture of skyscrapers in the Chicago School Movement. He completed his training by winning a Ph.D. in Architectural Design at the Faculty of Architecture of Venice.
He founded his own studio in 1995.
Avoiding to generate only a set of stylistic mannerisms, his work has focused on different ways of approaching fundamental problems of space, proportion, light and materials. He has worked on architectures at various scales, working on several different topics.

Over the years Paolo Rizzo gained extensive experience in the field of architecture and design within environments of historic, landscape and ecological significance.
He worked for retail and catering for companies such as Autogrill, Phillips, Holliday & Brown.
He designed working spaces for companies such as ITINERA, SINA s.p.a. and was involved in the renovation and expansion of office buildings, as well as achievements of interiors for both residential and commercial buildings.
Since 2013 he also has his own line of design products, distributed both in Italy and abroad.