Sina Officies

The project for SINAconsists in the completion of an office building from the early twentieth century. The theme of the design is the "contemporary integration" and it aims to re-define the historical building with the completion of the missing third floor and to create a new architectural unity adding two totally new floors The integration has been designed with a trilithic technique based upon a three-way pillars system that follows the A-B-B-A pattern. As well as the ‘Basilica di Palladio’, this construction system as alternative to the existing building creates a new “Serliana” type of opening. This compositional strategy adapts the new architecture to the variable rhythm of the existing wheelbases. This rhythmic composition also affects the visual and dimensional perception of the interior space. Presented with services and private officies on the back, the two new floors are mainly characterized by large halls directly exposed on the new facade that let sunlight effects comes into the space. A large, full height, ribbon window is gently placed upon the new façade and finished with grey translucent glass, letting the view widely open on the canopy of trees outside.

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2006 – 2012