Casa Genovese

The theme of the project is the single-family house. To make it recognizable, three single parts come toghether as one: living room, bedrooms with services and the staircase. Placed between the staircase and bedrooms, the living room is the core of the house: with a height of 6 meters, it has two different views, one more closed on the road and the entrance, one directly opened on the backyard that connects the living room, the loggia and the private garden through a wide window. Placed on a view on the south side of the land, bedrooms and services could be considered as the private and intimate part. Here windows are placed in a rhythmic series that let clearly comprehend the subsequence of rooms and spaces. Placed on the north, the staircase is finally illuminated by a little atrium on the top, directly ‘carved’ from the block that defines the house in its integrity.

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Terzo di Aquileia

1999 / 2000