Holiday & Brown – Men Collection SS ‘07 Showroom.

There are many ways to travel. Some travel in their own room, some travel in memory, some travel in their own garden. Some instead travel to unknown places, within visions, memories, unknown landscapes. The project is born in collaboration with the artist Chiara Camoni, and it’s based upon the theme of Clothes as Pieces of Art. Realized into a covered courtyard of a Building from the Twentieth century located in Brera, the project consists of two parts: the large glass cases and the Quadreria. Formed by a single metal structure, the glass cases are conceived as reliquaries into which clothes are presented as pieces of art to observe in their preciousness. Holliday&Brown by Mantero pieces become elements of composition, parts to reassemble as a unique art conception. The plan is based upon the architectonical parts of the existing building where the straight prospective axis that goes from the entrance to the backyard garden is the element that defines the disposition of the large glass cases.

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